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XR2 Construction manual coverXR2 HP Construction Manual

The construction manual is included on CD-ROM in browsable format and in printable PDF format.  A color cover is also included for those who would like to print and bind the manual.   The printable PDF manual is in 8-1/2 x 11 inch format, but it may be resized to fit your paper.

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Table of Contents

    The CD-ROM
    About Recumbent Bicycles
    Inherent Hazards of Mixing with Motorized Traffic
    Where to Get Parts and Materials

Technical Overview
    Fitting the Bicycle to You
    Seat-to-Pedals Dimension
    Handlebar Location
    Consider the Trickledown Effects of Design Changes
    Steering Geometry
    Fork Design
    Steering System Design
         Hydrostatic Steering
         Under-Seat Steering
         Floating Front Head Bearing Cup
    Rear Suspension Design
         Rear Stay Design
Versions of the Ground Hugger XR2HP
    Human Powered Version
    Electric Power: Two Architectures
         Powered Required for Cycling
         E-Bike with Wheel Motor
         Electric-/Human-Powered Hybrid
             Overview of Battery Couples
                  Nickel-Metal Hydride
                  Lithium Couples
             Solar Power
                  Overview of Solar Technologies
                  Challenges and Limitations
                  Solar Panel(s) Layout
Bicycle Components
    Front Wheel
    Rear Wheel
        Derailleur Gearing
        Internal Hub Gearing
        Schlumpf Speed Drive
    Bottom Bracket and Shell
    Crank Set
    Handlebars and Stem


Building the Ground Hugger XR2HP

    Construction Tips and Techniques
    Getting Prepared

    Tools & Equipment
    Fork Assembly
    Rear Stay Assembly
    Rear Stay Hanger
    Steering Housing
    Steering Tube
    Handlebars and Stem   
    Building the Frame
    Urethane Foam Core
    Tips on Using Carbon Fiber and Vinylester Resin
    Stabilize the Foam With Carbon
    Fiber Lay-Ups
    Install Headpiece
    Install Bottom Bracket(s)
    Install Stay Hanger
    Make Cable Cavity
    Install Upper Shock Bracket
    Install Seat Brackets
    Finish the Laminations
    Solar Panels
    Battery Box
    Assembly Tips

Riding the Ground Hugger XR2HP

Materials List



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