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Redwood deck with spa next to pool

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How to order Super Spa plansThe first glimmer of the modern spa was born in the '60s when a group of people in Santa Barbara, California, began soaking in discarded wine barrels filled with hot water. Soon afterwards, hydrojets and air bubblers were added. Later, wine barrels were discarded in favor of low-maintenance fiberglass tubs, and the transformation to the modern spa was complete. Today, the backyard spa has become a social focal point as families and friends are discovering the pleasure of a hot-water soak, combined with the gentle massage of air bubbles and supercharged hydrojets. Most of us do not have to be sold on the idea. On the other hand, the costs and questions about quality and performance can keep many of us from taking the plunge.

        Super Spa plans show how to design, build, and install your own custom fiberglass tub, and how to design and build the surrounding deck. But even if you would rather purchase a spa ready-made, plans provide the technical information necessary to tell whether a spa is well designed and will perform to your expectations. Plans outline the differences in construction materials, they describe how to select the correct filters, pumps, and blowers, and they tell how the size of the tub and installation details (above-ground or in-ground) will affect equipment needs and performance.

Plans were originally featured in Home Mechanix magazine.


Diameter: 62 inch
Depth: 33 inch
Gallons: 350 (approximate)
Construction: Fiberglass

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