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Intrepid ESX Series Hybrid

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    The Dodge Intrepid ESX is an advanced series hybrid that uses what might be considered conventional technology - although there is nothing at all conventional about the vehicle.   What I mean by the term “conventional” is that the turbodiesel conversion system (genset), the battery storage system, and the Zytek wheel motors are based on relatively proven and familiar technologies.  Nothing has to be invented in order to build the car.  If we had to put a hybrid into production tomorrow, these are the types of subsystems it would have.

    When we talk about making EVs smaller and lighter, it’s interesting to note that the Zytek wheel motors in the Intrepid are only 200 mm in diameter, 175 mm long and can deliver 75 kW at 15,000 rpm - in a package that weighs just 13 kg (29 lbs) (without the reduction gearbox).  In contrast, the turbodiesel genset is not very small and light - but it is about as efficient as possible with proven hardware (~40%).

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