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          Robert Q. Riley
is an author, industrial designer and a mechanical engineer with successes in a wide range of product categories.
         His automotive experience includes vehicle styling, packaging, and power train design. He has produced energy-efficient, high-performance three-wheel road vehicles, electric and hybrid cars, and conventionally powered automobiles of up to 128-mpg fuel economy. Early on, he pioneered the automotive application of FRP/foam composite, designed GM's Drive I electric car, and developed the urban car now on display at the American Museum of Science and Energy at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Today, he is considered one of the world's foremost pioneers in the design of low-energy-demand passenger cars. His most recent work is the 225-mpg  XR3 Hybrid.
          Mr. Riley is also a prolific designer outside the automotive field.  Non-automotive designs range from high performance watercraft, submersibles, hovercraft and human powered vehicles to fitness and medical products like the Numo and the award-winning ARRIS medical imaging system.  He has been referred to as the "father of the modern bent" for his early work in revitalizing the highly efficient but largely forgotten recumbent bicycle.  At the beginning of the new millennium, he again advanced the state of the art in recumbent design with the release of his cutting-edge Ground Hugger XR2 carbon fiber machine.  A solar-assist version of the XR2 won first place in category and third place overall in the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge.
          Mr. Riley consults on product design and new product strategies.  He promotes environmentally friendly technologies and writes and speaks on the subject of alternative automobile design.  He has led conference workshops and speaks at industry, scientific, and academic events.  He consulted on the Different Roads automobile exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art and was the lead speaker at the museum's daylong symposium on the future of the automobile.   He was one of two U.S. technical consultants selected by Delcan Corporation to contribute to Transport Canada's Sustainable Transportation Technology Forecast, a study on transportation solution options for Canada's Sustainable Development Strategy.

Other Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Produced more than 20 special-publication products for Fawcett Publications, CBS Publications, Hearst Magazines, and Times Mirror Magazines, and over 30 feature articles for magazines such as The Futurist and Popular Mechanics.

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • Intelligent Transportation Society - Arizona (ITS)
  • Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
  • Marine Technology Society (MTS)


On-line presentations An overview of the XR3 Hybrid on PowerPoint presented at the Arizona/Nevada Section meeting of the SAE on September 18, 2008.
On-line presentations On the Road to Personal Mobility in the 21st Century.  Presented October 11, 2007 at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems in Starkville, Mississippi.
On-line presentations Different Roads: Personal Mobility in the 21st Century.  A comprehensive review of design options for a sustainable personal mobility system.  Presented April 20, 2000 at the Northwest Alternative Fuels and Transportation Conference Transportation 2000: Options for a New Millennium, in Portland, Oregon.
On-line presentations Transportation Challenges of the 21st Century.   A review of the economic, political, supply infrastructure, and environmental challenges facing transportation in the 21st century; presented September 7, 1999 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 
On-line presentations Automobile Design: Year 2010 and Beyond.   An overview of the most likely directions in future automobile design; presented May 22, 1997 at the J.D. Power & Associates Power train Seminar in Troy, Michigan.


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