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      Robert Q. Riley has been designing products since the late sixties.  In the mid-seventies, he opened a design and prototyping firm in Phoenix, Arizona, Quincy-Lynn Enterprises, Inc, where he develped several alternative automotive and fitness designs. Today he works as an independent design and engineering consultant under his name, Robert Q. Riley Enterprises LLC.  He is the author of the popular SAE book, Alternative Cars in the 21st Century (SAE 1994 and Second Edition 2003).  At the time, Alternative Cars was a landmark publication for the Society of Automotive Engineers (now SAE International).  The book questioned traditional ideas in automotive design and market appeals and suggested many alternatives that have now become part of mainstream automotive design. 
      Riley especially enjoys working with students, entrepreneurs and startups on new product ideas and designs.  According to Riley: "That's where the real innovation happens, and I love to be part of that magical process."

News Release
August 06, 2008 Robert Q. Riley Enterprises Releases DIY Plans for Plug-In Hybrid Capable of Up to 225 MPG. XR3 Information page. High-resolution photos.

March 20, 2007
Plug-in Hybrid from Robert Q. Riley Enterprises to Debut on June 16
Fuel-Efficient XR-3 Will Offer 125-225 Miles per Gallon. Supplemental on-line information.
February 07, 2000
Build-It-Yourself  Goes High-Tech. Advanced 3-D CAD technology for build-it-yourselfers in a new line of plans-built projects on CD-ROM. Featured in the March 2000 issue of Wired magazine. Supplemental on-line information.



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The XR3 Hybrid is the latest super-mileage vehicle that you can build from plans.  It appeared as a background vehicle in the movie "Looper" and was featured in the Discover Channel "Future World" episode "Radical Vehicles".  To get high resolution images click on the image to the left.  This package is part of a new line of project-based learning aids under development.  XR3 is the centerpiece of a school-wide sustainable transportation program at Phoenix Bioscience High School. 
The new XR2 recumbent is based on the award-winning XR2 Solar that won the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge (in B-Class).  It is part of a new line of project-based learning aids under development at Robert Q Riley Enterprises. 
The Gluhareff Jet DIY package now includes the MEG-2X backpack helicopter and a small 5-lb thrust engine for desktop demonstrations. This package is part of the new line of project based learning aids under development at Robert Q Riley Enterprises.


Technical Papers and Presentations

Different Roads: Personal Mobility in the 21st Century is a comprehensive review of design option for future personal mobility.  It was presented April 20, 2000 at the Northwest Alternative Fuels and Transportation Conference "Transportation 2000: Options for a New Millennium" Portland, Oregon
Transportation Challenges of the 21st Century reviews the factors driving today's search for new automobile technology.   It was presented by Robert Q. Riley on September 7, 1999 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, launching MoMA's day-long symposium on future car design (held in conjunction with the Different Roads: Automobiles for the Next Century exhibit). 
Automobile Design: Year 2010 and Beyond was presented at the J. D. Power & Associates Power Train Seminar in Troy Michigan on May 22, 1997 by Robert Q. Riley.  The presentation reviews likely directions in automobile design.
The Power of Design examines the impact of a product's design and its implied messages, and how packaging can have a powerful effect on consumer acceptance and expectations of new technologies.
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles reviews the state of the art of EV technology, and the most likely direction of future EV design.
Energy Consumption and the Environment explores transportation energy use, its environmental impact, and possible options for the future.
More Technical Papers
In the News

Wired Magazine, March 2000:   Wired magazine reports on the new line of CD-ROMs under development at Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC.
The Ambassador Magazine, August 1999:  TWA's in-flight publication, features the Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC. website and plans-built vehicles.
New York Times, May 19, 1999: In a feature in The New York Times entitled Even in Cleaner-Running Machines, Looks Will Count, writer Joseph Giovannini quotes Robert Q. Riley on his views about future automobile design.
EV Progress, January 15, 1998, reports on Robert Q. Riley's participation in the 1998 Washington Auto Show.
Quotes & Quotations:  A collection of quotes and quotations.
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Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC.
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Phone:  480-685-3225


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