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EMG-300 Tip Jet Helicopter
Designed by Eugene M. Gluhareff

Gluhareff prototype helicopterInventor of the G8-2 Pressure Jet Engine, Eugene M. Gluhareff, designed, built, and tested this one-man tip jet helicopter in the early '90s.  Its successful test-flight marked the realization of Mr. Gluhareff's lifelong dream to design what he called a "flying motorcycle."  Eugene M. Gluhareff is shown in the photo standing by the first-generation prototype around the time of its first test flight. Please visit Gluhareff Helicopters, LLC for more information.


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Empty Weight 240 lbs Calculated Performance*
Gross Weight 460 lbs Max. Speed (No Canopy) 70 mph
Rotor Diameter 24 Feet Max. Speed (With Canopy) 120 mph
Duration in Level Fight 2.5 hrs
Powerplant: G8-2-20H Jet Engines Fuel Capacity (Two 10 Gal. Tanks)


20 gal.
Jet Gross Thrust 22 lbs. each Fuel Type Liq. Propane
Jet Weight 7 lbs. each
Helicopter has full pitch control and synchronized fuel delivery.
Based on Mr. Gluhareff's design calculations. 



The craft is powered by two G8-2-20H jet engines.  Jet engine plans purchased from this site show how to make the "H"-model jet, which has a slightly rotated intake stack for helicopter application.  Fuel tanks are conventional 10-gallon propane tanks equipped with liquid pickup tubes.


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Gluhareff Helicopters. LLC

Phone: 661-373-8885


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