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Free Plans

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Plans are in AutoCAD's DWF format.  Download the free  DWF Viewer to view, pan, zoom, and print the drawings from within your web browser.

m-flyer2s.jpg (7232 bytes)Mini-Flyer is a simple-to-build hovercraft powered by a leaf blower.   You can build this fun and educational project in less than a day.   Plans include 2D CAD drawings and a 3D model.
Downhill Racer:   A three-wheel downhill soapbox racer for youngsters

Software/Shareware/Demos/Utilities/3-D Models

Free computer software, shareware, demos, utilities, 3-D models
Hovercraft Lift Calculator:  Calculates airflow, power, platform pressure, fan diameter, number of blades, and more.
rhin-lgo3a.gif (1676 bytes)Get Evaluation Copy of Rhinoceros 3D NURBS modeler for Windows.   Your free copy of Rhino works indefinitely to view, pan, rotate, zoom, and render 3D models.  Only the "save" function becomes disabled on expiration.  Requires Pentium processor, 32 MB ram, and 15 MB disk space.  Runs under Windows..  Click here for more details.
3D Models of Our DIY Projects: View models using the Rhino demo (see above), or import them into other 3-D programs. Click link to see available models.
asub-dt-s.jpg (7205 bytes)Free background images of your favorite project for your Windows desktop.  Clicking on the link takes you to a download page with thumbnails of available desktop images.  Each image is available in three different resolutions to fit the most common monitor settings.
Get a copy of WinZip to compress files so they take up less disk space, and unpack compressed files downloaded here.   For Windows only.

Click the image to install Autodesk's Viewer pluginAutodesk's DWF Viewer plug-in.  The Viewer lets you view, pan, zoom, and print DWF CAD drawings from within your web browser.  After installing the Viewer and loading a drawing, right-click anywhere on the drawing to display the navigation menu.


How-To Information

How-to information on building and licensiing homebuilt vehicles  

Technical Papers

Technical papers on vehicle dynamics, future car design, and alternative power systems


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