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  • Automobile Design: Year 2010 and Beyond.  This overview of future automobile technology was presented at the J.D. Power Powertrain Seminar in Troy, Michigan on May 22, 1997 by Robert Q. Riley.   You can view the slides and speech on line, or download the native PowerPoint files for viewing on your computer (using Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • The Power of Design.  Visionary design alone can create new products, new appeals, and new markets.
  • Licensing and Insuring Homebuilt Vehicles.  This document explains the equipment requirements and procedures for licensing homebuilt cars, three wheelers, boats, and hovercraft.  It also provides tips on obtaining insurance.
  • One-Off Construction Using Fiberglass Over Urethane Foam.   A system for making custom-designed fiberglass automobile bodies, boats, and many other products (without having to build a mold) is described in detail.  Explains step-by-step how it's done.  Extensively illustrated with photos of an automobile body at various stages of construction.
  • Automobile Ride, Handling, and Suspension Design.  This document provides an overview of automobile suspension systems and the attributes that determine vehicle ride and handling.  It also includes a review of important factors in the design of low mass vehicles.
  • Transportation's Impact on Energy and the Environment:   This document takes an in-depth look at the world's energy and environmental problems.  It reviews possible alternative energy sources and discusses design options for cleaner and more energy efficient personal transportation vehicles.
  • Alternative Fuels for Transportation: (available soon)

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