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Build-It-Yourself Plans


Build-it-yourself projects on CD-ROM in retail display unit

   Each build-it-yourself project is individually presented on its own CD-ROM.  Video clips, a detailed construction manual, a complete set of CAD drawings, a three-dimensional electronic model, and all the necessary software are included.
         These CDs combine advanced CAD technologies with Internet communication resources to provide a level of sophistication, interactivity, and support impossible to achieve with ordinary printed plans. 

Projects Individually Presented on CD-ROM

Each build-it-yourself project is individually presented on its own CD-ROM

  • Plans for Building Cars, Three-Wheelers, EVs, Hybrids, Boats, Subs, Hovercraft and more

  • 2-D & 3-D Software Included

  • Individually Packaged in Retail Boxes

  • Free-Standing Retail Display Units

  • On-Line Technical Support

  • No CAD Experience Necessary

  • Proven Track-Record

Each CD-ROM Includes

  • Detailed manual on CD with large high- resolution photos and renderings showing step-by-step how to build the project. 
  • Complete materials list, along with a list of suppliers for any specialized parts that may be needed.
  • Complete set of 2-D CAD drawings that can be zoomed, panned, and printed on an ordinary PC running Windows.
  • CAD-accurate 3-D computer models that can be zoomed, rotated, rendered, measured, and exported to other computer programs.
  • Software for printing and viewing the 2-D CAD files.
  • Software for viewing, rendering, and exporting the 3-D models.
  • Free access to online updates, FAQs, and technical support using hyperlinks on the CD-ROM program.
  • Free use of on-line classified ads.  Use the classifieds to buy and sell parts or partly finished projects, and to network with other builders - all for free!
  • Video clips and computer animations showing the project in action.

Brings Advanced CAD Technology to the Do-It-Yourselfer

         Never again will a DIY enthusiast have trouble understanding printed plans.  Purchasers can view, zoom, rotate, and render their 3-D electronic model on their own computer.  They can isolate a single part, see it from any angle, and even zoom inside to see how it's built from the inside out.   And since the 3-D models are full-size and accurate to within one-thousandth of an inch, users can take precise measurements directly from the electronic model, and see exactly how each part fits together - all in three-dimensional space.  In addition, the 2-D CAD drawings provide complete dimensions in traditional drafting format.  Users can view the drawings, zoom in on a part for a close-up look, and print out detailed drawings using an ordinary printer.   All the necessary software is provided on the CD-ROM, and no prior knowledge of CAD systems is needed. 

Construction Manual with Step-by-Step Instructions

The easy-to-navigate construction manual on CD-ROM lets users see precisely how each item is built. High-resolution photographs, renderings, and drawings show how it's done from beginning to end. Technical information, specifications, a materials list, and sources of materials are also included.

Internet Links to On-Line Updates, Technical Support, and Other Free Services

         Using links on the CD-ROM, users can instantly access on-line support, and obtain the latest information on their project. They can visit the FAQ area to see answers to the most commonly asked questions, or get the latest updates to their plans. And they can network with other enthusiasts through the on-line classified ad section, locate parts, services, or finished projects, or place a free ad of their own.

The Fun Way to Learn

DIY enthusiasts get the benefits of the latest CAD technologies without having to learn CAD or 3-D modeling software. They'll gain firsthand knowledge of how CAD systems work and what they do as they build their projects using the latest computer technologies. Learning happens naturally as a fringe benefit. There's no better way to become familiar with the powerful utility of these 21st-century computer aided design systems.

Proven Track Record

         Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC. is known for producing the world’s finest plans-built products, most of which have proudly displayed the logos of many of the world’s finest publications. Printed plans have reeled in record-breaking sales at Popular Mechanics and other similar magazines since the early ‘70s. Landslide sellers are presented in updated form on this new line of CD-ROMs, and new projects are continuously under development.

System Requirements
Hardware* PC with Pentium processor, 32 MB RAM, & 15 MB free disk space. No special graphics hardware required. 
Operating System Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP.
Software Web browser required.  No CAD or 3-D software required. CAD and 3-D viewing software provided on the CD.
*CDs will not run on a Macintosh computer due to the Windows-oriented CAD and 3-D software.


Contact Information

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Phoenix, AZ 85063-4465
Phone: 623-872-8010
Fax:  623-872-3476


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