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XR3 125 MPG Hybrid


Numo - 21st Century Fitness System

Lean Machine, a case study of developing a fitness machine

Arris Video Imaging System - a case study of the value of appearance models.


Award-Winning Human Powered Vehicles Ground Hugger XR2 carbon fiber recumbent bicycle


Systems Design Cirqua Customized Water System

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Robert Q. Riley Enterprises: Product Design and Development   Product Design & Development
Complete product design services - fitness, automotive, consumer, medical
Information on race-winning XR2 solar-assist recumbent bicycle.  Winner in category of 2001 Australian Solar Cycle Challenge. XR3 Hybrid video of car on road. Video of Numo exercise device

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC. is a full service product design and development consultancy.  We deliver solutions to your design, manufacturing, and support challenges. The firm's founder, Robert Q. Riley, has over 25 years experience in all phases of product design, development, and commercialization. Our excellence comes from a long history of delivering innovative solutions with maximum efficiency from human and financial resources. We can provide assistance at any point in your development program.  Or we can manage the project from conception to completion, including product and tooling design, production processes, packaging design, and user and service manuals.  The 3D CAD files developed during product design become assets for user and service manuals, often showing details more clearly and at less expense than photography. The earlier we become involved the more we can contribute.

     Click the links under the images above to see videos of the XR3 Hybrid and the Numo fitness device, plus information on the XR2 recumbent bicycle that won (in category) the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge.  Helpful white papers are linked near the bottom of the page.

Product Categories


  • Automotive & Recreational Vehicles
  • Consumer
  • Health & Fitness Products
  • Non-Invasive Medical Products
  • Watercraft & Hovercraft

The Latest Information Technologies

      By using the latest information technologies, we become a fully integrated partner in your development project.  Renderings, drawings, and 3D models can be viewed from anywhere in the world without the need for expensive client-side CAD or modeling software. Services include items such as a dedicated, password-protected sub-web so key personnel can access project status any time of the day or night, a secured ftp site for large file transfers, free software for remotely viewing 3D models and 2D drawings over the Internet, and other protocols as may be required for the seamless flow of information and feedback.


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Robert Q. Riley
Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC.
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Phoenix, AZ 85063-4465
United States
Phone: 480-685-3225
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Authorized Rhino

White Papers by Robert Q. Riley

Generic Process of Product Development
A professional approach to developing new products.

Transportation Energy and Impacts on Our World   A narrative on the impacts and design options for a transportation system of high energy-intensity and 95 percent dependent on the finite resources of oil. 

The Electromatic Drive Transmission in EV Application  An overview of the benefits of an electronically controlled CVT in EV applications.

The Power of Design    This document examines the limitations of focus groups, and explores the idea that visionary vehicle design can capture the imagination of consumers and thereby impact oil consumption.

Dynamic Stability of Three-Wheel Vehicles in Automotive-Type Applications   A review of the factors that determine the stability of on-road three-wheel passenger vehicles.




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