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Chapters Include

Forward by Dr.
    Paul MacCready

Personal Mobility
    in Crisis
Personal Mobility
    Vehicles for the
    21st Century
The Technology of
    Fuel Economy
Alternative Fuels
Electric and
    Hybrid Vehicles
Three-Wheel Cars
    (with Tilting
    Information by
    Tony Foale)
Safety and Low-
    Mass Vehicles
    Systems (by Dr.
    Wonshik Chee)
Alternative Cars
    in Europe

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Alternative Cars in the 21st Century:

A New Personal Transportation Paradigm
Second Edition
Robert Q. Riley

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Published by

Society of Automotive Engineers (Oct. 2003)
SAE Stock Number - R227

Click to OrderThe 21st century has arrived, and alternative cars are becoming a significant presence on showroom floors and highways throughout the world. Hybrid vehicles were introduced and carmakers are expanding their offerings.  Plug-in hybrids, cars that can run on battery power and combustion engine power, are poised to enter the marketplace.  As gasoline prices continue their volatility - rising and falling in response to unstable geographical situations and price manipulations - consumers recognizing the benefits of decreased dependence on petroleum-based fuels as a primary source of vehicle  power.
         In 1994, Robert Q. Riley accurately forecasted the necessity of alternative automobiles in the first edition of this important publication, and the Second Edition of  Alternative Cars in the 21st Century: A Personal Transportation Paradigm offers considerably more information. Intelligent transportation systems and hybrid vehicles have increased emphasis as their benefits become proven by current vehicle designs. Alternative fuels are examined in depth, including hydrogen as a fuel and the most recent hot topic, fuel cell technology. The latest developments touting the benefits and challenges of three-wheel cars are presented in a thorough and interesting chapter.
        The rapidly changing landscape of alternative car technologies created the need for the second edition of Alternative Cars in the 21st Century: A New Personal Transportation Paradigm. This essential publication provides an abundance of critical knowledge for engineering professionals and consumers alike, offering a brighter alternative future through better alternative cars.

From the "Forward"

"In 1994, Riley's first edition was a breath of fresh air in a cacophony of information coming through all media. His new second edition is  greatly expanded to address the larger list of interrelated complexities... He collects and organizes the many products/concepts technologies into a readable publication - a formidable task in a field seething with change. The first chapter takes a broad look at the big picture, not just in the United States: the challenges and the opportunities that characterize the present rapidly changing situation. The concepts deserve to to be explored by all students because the present student will be living in the rather different future that is being fashioned. This book also should be read by all adults because our priorities and actions, or inactions, will determine what happens in the next decades."

--Dr Paul B. MacCready

Dr. Paul MacCready is best known as the 'Father of Human Powered Flight.' He is also a visionary automobile designer who has been a key force behind today's push to develop battery-electric and hybrid cars.

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