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Robert Q Riley speaks to visitors during display of the XR3 at  Local Motors

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Connect with us on Facebook.  Just follow the link (image to the left) and then press the "Like" button.   You will be able to network with others who are building or interested in building one of the Robert Q. Riley Enterprises projects, as well as on other related subjects. We make posts on new developments in science and industry, automotive developments, as well as developments at Robert Q. Riley Enterprises.  Click on the Facebook logo to the left.

NOTE: if you do not have a Facebook account and do not want to sign up, you can still view the posts anyway.  Just ignore the invitation to join and wait a few seconds for the posts to load.

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See projects built by others.  Upload an image and comments about your completed project and we'll include it in the DIY Gallery.  If you do not have a scanned image, mail us a photo and we'll scan it and make the post for you.

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The FAQ section answers the most frequently asked questions about your project and built-it-yourself projects in general.

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Essential Resources

Essential information and resources

Helpful information for the hobbyists and home craftsman - the DIYer,  How to teach yourself to weld, how to select the right abrasives, how to determine the right spring rate in a suspension and its effect on ride and handling, how to use fiberglass over foam to create custom shapes, how to get a title and a license for a specially-built land vehicle or  water craft, and more.  Go to Essential Resources for the DIY Enthusiast.
Water Jet Cutting
Marzee Water Jet Services

If your part is made of flat material, send Marzee a DXF line drawing with only one dimension for import scale-check, and they will supply the material and cut the part to shape for little more than the cost of the material.  If you are outside the Phoenix Metro area, send them your address and ask for a quote including shipping charges.  They will supply a quote by email, and then you can call them with your credit card information and authorize the job.  They will cut your part and ship it to you.  Great Service.  Good people.  Go To Marzee website.

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