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Free 3-D Models

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G8-2 Gluhareff Pressure Jet Engine has no moving parts and runs on propane. 
Get more info on jet
Download 3-D model (568 KB)

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MEG-2X Backpack Helicopter was design and flown by Eugene M. Gluhareff, the developer of the G8-2 jet engine. The craft was not developed beyond the experimental stage, and plans are not available. 
Get more info on the jet engine used to power the MEG-2X.  
Download 3-D model (1.43 MB)

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HydroRunner build-it-yourself tunnel-hull boat powered by an ordinary outboard motor. 
Get more info on HydroRunner
Download 3-D model (1.45 MB)



Do Not Attempt to Build From These 3-D Models
Unlike the 3-D models provided on CD-ROM, these models are incomplete and not to scale. They are intended for viewing only.

View Models Using Free Rhino Evaluation Program
Download the Rhino 3-D NURBS Modeler for Windows to view the 3D models. Before the program expires, you can use it to export models in other file formats for easy import into a variety of  3D programs. On expiration (after 25 saves), only the export and save functions will become disabled. All other features of the program will continue to operate.

3-D Files are Compressed
To minimize download time, the 3-D files have been compressed using WinZip. If you do not have a decompression program (to unpack the compressed files), you can download a free copy of  WinZip by clicking on the link.

Copyrighted Material
3-D files are copyrighted material of Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC. Please do not repost or distribute.  

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